Spring In The Fashion Shops

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Spring In The Fashion Shops

Post by Gina on Tue Aug 03, 2010 9:15 pm

After we ate breakfast my uncle took me to the clothing stores in Winter Town Central. I wasn't exactly sure why. So when we got there I asked, "Why are you taking me shopping?"
"Well you've been through a lot lately," He said "so I thought you deserved an award."
"But I'm not really into clothes." I admitted. "I can bearly even wear them without getting them ripped and dirty." I laughed. "I don't need a reward anyway."
"Fine then go buy yourself a smoothie at that consession stand then come back here." He said.
I went and bought a smoothie then sat on a bench for a few seconds waiting for my uncle. Then he came out of the clothe store.
"Here you go." He said and handed me a bag.
I looked inside. There was a jean jacket, a pair of sneakers and a few t-shirts.
I smiled. "Thanks Uncle Jerry." I gave him a hug and then we left.
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