Rules For The Whole Website

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Rules For The Whole Website

Post by Ashley on Fri Jul 09, 2010 3:35 pm

General Rules:
1. No swearing
2. Only one account
3. No super powers, other than the fact the werewolves shape shift and the vampire have their super speed, strength, etc.
4. There's no aging on this game for humans.
5. In the different little "towns", you may make up different characters, like say you have a family. Just don't use them too much.
5. If you want to be a werewolf or vampire, just pm me or request it.
6. Only post in ENGLISH.
Rules for the Pack:
1. I am The Alpha wolf, so please don't ask me repeatedly if you can be the Alpha.
2. Mini or private packs are okay, but you can't have more than four in a private pack. You CANNOT start another huge pack by yourself, there can only remain one main pack. Or you can remain solitary.
3. No killing people.
4. You must have a wolf name. Ex: My wolf name is BloodFang.
5. The pack talks through a mind connection. It goes off whenever a werewolf is in human form.
6. Your Avatar should be your wolf form.
Rules for Vampires:
1. This is the most important rule: NO biting people randomly to change them!!!! Got that?
2. Whether you're a vegetarian or not, it doesn't matter to me. Just, if you're not, don't go on a crazy "killing streak," and don't go into the school and start randomly killing people.
3. This kind of follows the first rule, but: People who join the website can choose what they want to be.
4. For Werewolves and vampires: Remember, as best you can, try to to keep it all a secret.
5. Your Avatar can be a human, just try to edit it a bit if you can.
Rules for Humans:
1. There's not many rules. Anyway, the main rule is you can choose whether you know about all the Shape Shifter/vampire stuff. Just a suggestion: I suggest you don't know, it would make it more exciting I guess. But you can do whatever you want.
Rules for Battle:
1.No killing. You can ALMOST kill someone, but don't completely kill someone. I guess it would be kinda unfair, because then you would have to create another account and I would have to delete the old one, and if that happened a lot, well, it would get [almost] kind of crazy.
2. If you sign a treaty, I would remember exactly what the treaty said. But treaties get broken all the time, so...

And, I hope you like my website! Very Happy

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