Profile Info - What is Required

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Profile Info - What is Required

Post by Ashley on Wed Jan 12, 2011 6:37 pm

( I think there was some confusion on what should be on a profile, so that's why I made this: )

Your profile reflects your character.

  • The gender on your profile is the gender of your character.

  • You cannot have a 1/2 and 1/2 character. e.i. you cannot have a half-vampire, half-werewolf character.

  • Your "type" on the profile is whether you are a human, werewolf, vampire, or sometimes a teacher/professor. (If you are a human and you become able to be a teacher and want to be, PM me and I will change your rank, and you will need to change your type to "Human Teacher")

  • Repeating what I put in the Rules For The Whole Website, your avatar will need to reflect your character. If you are a human, put a picture of a person. You don't have to put yourself, but if you want to that's fine. If you are a werewolf, the picture will need to be of your wolf form. If you are a vampire, you can put a picture of a person, however, I recommend that you alter the picture slightly so it looks more . . . vampire-ish.

  • You only need a wolf name if you are a werewolf. I repeat, you only need a wolf name if you are a werewolf.

  • Your "location" is the "mini-town" that you are from: Unknown Town, Lupas Town, Winter Town, and Normal Town. These "mini-towns" are located on the home page underneath the category "The Towns".

If you have any questions about profile information, please PM me.


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